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The black Nazi racist in Philadelphia

November 9, 2016

On November 8, 2016, much to everybody’s surprise (possibly even his own), Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America.  Liberals and other uncategorized whackadoodles, who had placed their faith in the other candidate (a serial liar and co-leader of the Clinton Crime Family) to win the presidency, reacted with their typical childishness, stupidity, and viciousness, creating bogus hate crimes from coast to coast which they attempted to have blamed on Trump supporters.

As Ann Coulter pointed out, not one of these post-election hate crimes by Trump supporters was real.  Not one.  Why would they be?  Why would the supporters of the winning candidate be out acting like bitter babies?  They won!

Anyway, perhaps the first of these pathetic attempts was made in the wee hours of November 9th, when William Tucker (allegedly—he’s been arrested but, as of this writing, we must still say “allegedly” even though we pretty much know), his tiny, bitter, irrational mind polluted by decades of Democrat Party propaganda and bullshit, weakened by lack of use, and overwrought by the outcome of the election, decided to take a can of spray paint and deface some Philadelphia businesses with Nazi graffiti, Trump graffiti, Nazi and Trump graffiti juxtaposed, etc.  Here’s an example:

He also wrote “Trump Rules” and “Black Bitch” on a black woman’s car.  Odd, right?  Since Mr. Tucker is black himself?

Since November 9th was the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the liberal media ate this crap up like it was a feast, immediately jumping to the conclusion that Nazi Trump supporters were rampaging through the streets of Philadelphia celebrating their election victory.

Never mind that “Nazi” is shorthand for “National-Socialist German Workers’ Party,” which was, exactly as it sounds, a leftwing entity, so it makes no sense that Nazis would be celebrating a Republican victory.  Never mind that.  Turns out the liberal media is as ignorant as William Tucker.


11/9/16 - Philly Voice - Police investigating two swastikas painted on South Philly building

11/9/16 - Daily Beast - Pro-Trump Swastikas Painted in Philly

11/9/16 - Anti-Defamation League - ADL HORRIFIED BY SWASTIKAS, “TRUMP” AND “SEIG HEIL 2016” GRAFFITI

11/10/16 - New York Daily News - Swastikas and Donald Trump’s name spray-painted across Philadelphia storefront

12/1/16 - - S. Jersey man arrested in 'Pro-Trump', racist post-election vandalism in South Philly

12/2/16 - Breitbart - Hate Hoax: Black Man Arrested for ‘Racist’ and ‘Nazi’ Trump Graffiti

Posted from Rockford, Michigan, USA

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