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Otis Byrd found hanging in Mississippi woods

March 19, 2015

The last time anyone saw Otis Byrd alive was March 2, 2015.  A week later his family reported him missing and on March 19 he was found in the Mississippi woods behind his house hanging by his neck from a tree with his own bed sheet.

Of course the usual race mongers immediately started screaming that he was lynched.  Specifically, the local chapter of the NAACP was front and center, fomenting racial strife, reminding the world of Mississippi’s racist past, etc., yada yada yada.

The usual bullshit, in other words.

The NAACP, once a proud and valuable organization, has no valid purpose for existing in the 21st century which it proves every time it waxes hysterical about another cause which has nothing to do with “colored people”—like LGBT rights, for instance—every time it acts like an adjunct of the Democrat Party—you were founded by Republicans, you dumb asses—and every time it trumpets another hate crime which turns out to be bogus.  They are desperate, you see, for a reason to be.

Thanks to the NAACP’s hysteria, the federal government sent thirty agents to investigate why Otis Byrd was hanging in the woods, including members of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.  Thirty agents.  Compare that to how many agents they sent to look at Hillary Clinton’s email server, which was zero.

It’s like there’s a contest between the FBI and the NAACP to see which organization can look more ridiculous.

Never mind that Otis Byrd—a convicted murderer who shot a store clerk four times in 1980 to get $101 to pay his parole officer—was a gambler who was behind on his rent, never mind that his hands were not bound, never mind that from the onset the scene looked like a suicide rather than a murder, never mind that local, state, and federal investigators could find no evidence of murder, and never mind that there hasn’t been a KKK lynching in America since 1981 and even that one was an outlier—never mind all that—the NAACP led multiple protest marches at the Claiborne County Courthouse demanding both that the feds hurry up and finish their investigation, and that the feds conclude it was not suicide.

“We’re not going to accept suicide.  That’s just not there,” said Claiborne County NAACP president Evan Doss.

Either you want them to investigate or you don’t, Evan.  Make up your mind.

You know how this ends.  The feds found no evidence of murder and ruled it was suicide.  Like everybody knew from the start.


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5/29/15 - CNN - Feds drop hate crime investigation into hanged man

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Posted from Rockford, Michigan, USA

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